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March 27, 2014 - Cherry Responds to Houston’s Apartment Inferno

HOUSTON (March 27, 2014) – Nearly twenty-four hours into the aftermath of Houston’s first Five-Alarm fire in over a decade, Cherry Companies, the Houston-based demolition and recycling company, was contracted to bring the remaining structures of the multi-story Axis apartment complex to the ground. The remaining standing structures included a large portion of apartment units […]

March 5, 2014 - Cherry Expands Stabilized Materials Capacity By Opening Seventh New Plant

HOUSTON (MARCH 5,2014) – Keeping pace with the growth and expansion of the Houston metropolitan area, locally-based Cherry Companies estimates it will produce 500,000 tons of stabilized material at its seventh and newly opened stabilized materials plant. Adding this new facility, Cherry now has a combined production capacity of two million tons of materials at […]