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Cherry Companies and Texas A&M’s Construction Science Department teamed up for a day to move the classroom to a real world worksite. Aspiring construction industry professionals had the opportunity to experience in late November, a hands-on, up close look at operations of one of the nation’s leading recycling and demolition companies.

Recognized as one of the preeminent construction education programs, the Construction Science (COSC) Department at Texas A&M is dedicated to education and the development and application of knowledge in the field of construction. An enhancement of the learning experience for COSC students is a field trip each semester and A&M views bringing their students to Cherry as a beneficial tool in stepping out of the classroom and into the real world.

Waking up early on a Friday morning, twenty COSC students boarded their buses and made their way to Cherry Companies, where they spent the day touring their recycling facilities and demolition sites.

“Coming to Cherry definitely gave me some real world perspective, to see how a family owned company actually operates and a better understanding of what this industry is like,” says Simon Webb, COSC senior. ”You can sit in a classroom all day and have your professors tell you about it, but it’s exciting to get out there and actually experience it.”DSC_0169

After spending the day at Cherry; Tim Word, another COSC senior student explained, “I never realized how competitive recycled crushed concrete can be compared to limestone and new materials that are being mined everywhere else, it’s important to understand a better way to minimize constructions impact on the environment; giving back and not taking as much as we are now from the environment.”

The real-world experience exposes COSC graduates entering the construction industry to all aspects of the construction industry and prepares them to thrive in various positions with the ability to lead, problem solve and consider innovative environmentally conscious applications on their future projects.