About us

Cherry is a full service recycling and demolition company headquartered in Houston. A family-owned and operated business since 1952, Cherry can handle all types of recycling; industrial, commercial, residential and interior demolition projects; and asset recovery. In addition, we produce stabilized materials for a variety of applications.

Cherry’s complete cycle of capabilities includes:

  • Professional recycling of demolition and other waste
  • Safety-first demolition and deconstruction contracting for industrial and commercial sites or residences
  • Cost-effective removal of bridges and road, highway and other surface materials
  • Producer of superior stabilized products

Cherry—one of the largest recyclers in Texas and Gulf Coast—recycles more than two million tons of concrete and asphalt and thousands of tons of steel every year. We also recycle residential composition asphalt shingles and automobile and truck tires. Recycled concrete and asphalt materials are used primarily in road and highway projects while re-claimed steel ends up in thousands of new metal products. Once recycled, tires become a source for alternative fuels.

In addition, Cherry also mixes stabilized materials for use in everything from parking lots and underground utilities to pipeline support and storm sewers.